We love computers and use one (or more) all the time. Truly mobile devices (e.g., laptops, cell/mobile phones, and tablets) are awesome and perhaps even necessary for modern life.

That said, on days during which we are having Case Discussions, the classroom will operate with a "laptops open only for class engagement" policy. That way, we can focus upon the issues, the dilemmas, and the conversation—and get as many people as possible involved in this conversation. Any new material that might be presented as part of a Case Discussion will be contained in a handout, upon which you will be more than welcome to take notes.

On Workshop days, you will be more than welcome to use laptops and other mobile devices to accomplish the challenges in which you are engaging for the workshop.

If you are actively using a mobile device during class for reasons that are not related to the workshop itself, the following policy will apply:

In the case of seemingly excessive or inappropriate use of mobile devices in the classroom, we and/or other students in the room reserve the right to constantly pepper you—the one with the mobile device in question—with queries for additional data or background information we might (or might not even) require as part of the workshop in which we are engaged.

Yes, that means that we relinquish to the students in the room (you know, the folks in the class who can see you are distracted) the right, but not the obligation, to request data/information from you if you are spending a bit too much time on Facebook,, or other popular online destinations.

Truly "disruptive" use of a mobile device in the classroom can be truly annoying for other people. So here is that policy:

Disruptive use of a mobile device in the classroom will result in you—the one with the mobile device in question— preparing a five minute presentation to the class on the implications of mobile devices for the subject under discussion, whatever that subject may be.

You will have only ten minutes to prepare this presentation, and can only use the mobile device in question for your research and presentation.

That policy means, if the disruption was the result of your use of a mobile phone, you will be able to use only that mobile phone to prepare and present.